Life can be so busy – the kids have soccer practice, your parents are coming for the weekend, there’s a huge project due at work! How can you find time to sort through all the requests for action from the dozens of organizations you now follow? Don’t give up! This is a time when action is needed, but we understand how hectic life can be. So, March On! Texas created Monday Marching Orders just to help you out.

Each week, we sort through all the actions and issues that are happening and choose the key ones as the Marching Orders. You can sip your coffee and choose how you want to take action this week… easy peasy!

Want it easier you say?? Sure! We will send Monday Marching Orders right to your inbox. Can’t get easier than that!

Support Run Off Elections!

You turned out to the May 6th General Election to fill seats on local school boards, city councils, and mayoral offices. Now we need you to turn out for the Runoff Elections on June 10th! The path to turning Texas blue starts at the local level – so get out and vote, and take your friends.

Things you should know:


Find Progressive Candidates in Your Area!

Marchers identified progressives across the state. View the results of the May 6th General Election and find out who needs your help in the Runoff Elections here.

Want to know more?

Many of our candidates were able to provide us with additional information on their campaign and some even gave us information on how you can volunteer to help. And remember, you don’t have to live in their district to help out. Local campaigns like this are often short on manpower and resources. So, put your Marching shoes on a go make a difference!

North Texas

Central Texas

Gulf Coast

Did we miss a candidate? Tell us!

Tell Senator Cornyn Your Obamacare Story!

Senator Cornyn wants to hear your stories about how Obamacare has affected you and your family. The request comes through his newsletter and we suspect he is looking for negative feedback. So let’s flood his inbox with POSITIVE stories. Particularly, tell him how Obamacare has benefited women by covering preexisting conditions and reproductive health. Tell him how you, your mother, your sister, your daughter or any other woman in your life has benefited. And make sure to tell him about the coverage we are in danger of losing if the AHCA is passed.
Send responses to: Subject: Tell Me Your Obamacare Story.