Your Actions are Creating Change!

Your Actions are Creating Change!

My Friday just got a little bit brighter when I saw the GOP healthcare bill got tabled. Yay!

The AHCA would have increased premiums, eliminated essential coverage for maternity care (?!?), kicked 24 million people off of their healthcare plans, given a huge tax credit to millionaires and billionaires (who don’t need it), and added an age tax to our senior citizens.  Thank God the Republicans couldn’t pull in the votes!

A big chunk of the reason the repeal and replace bill couldn’t be done was because 25 or so members of the Freedom Caucus felt the bill didn’t go far enough towards eliminating costs and benefits.

But it wasn’t just the extreme right who was against this bill; moderate Republicans were against it too. Why?

Because we are making an impact.

In ways big and small, quiet and loud, people are beginning to hear our voice.

Whether you attended a town hall with a protest sign, called, wrote or emailed your congressperson, and/or actively shared through social media your disgust with this poor replacement of the ACA, the moderate Republicans noticed.  They realized they would be held accountable at home and so they backed down.

Let’s let this victory empower us to keep fighting, keep resisting every single piece of legislation that harms our communities and families or attempts to take away our rights. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

We must continue to be everyday activists and work towards electing Progressive candidates at local, state and national levels.

And speaking of that….

Know any good Progressive candidates running for office this May?  We’d love to speak with them to see how we can help.  Let us know about them by filling out this form!

Enjoy our collective victory this weekend and get ready to resist some more when the marching orders come out on Monday.  Yee-haw!


Lisa 🙂

Article by Lisa Traugott