There’s Something Very Wrong with this Picture

There’s Something Very Wrong with this Picture

Every day we turn on the news it seems there’s yet another picture full of middle aged white men sitting at a table writing legislation against women:

  • Proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood
  • New anti-choice bills introduced under the charade as being for the health of the woman
  • The proposed AHCA even tried to take away coverage for birth control, pregnant moms and babies

Are you tired of not seeing a single woman at the table?  Literally…

Mike Pence/Twitter

Oh!  It makes us mad!  Emboldened by the Trump administration the Texas state legislators have truly outdone themselves this time.

A bill that recently passed, SB-25, let’s doctors lie to pregnant women about own child’s health, for fear it would lead to an abortion.

As Rachel Ferry writes in The Rivard Report, “Last week, the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs approved Senate Bill 25, introduced by Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), which would prevent parents from suing their doctors if their baby is born with a disability.

This bill would allow doctors to keep pertinent medical information from pregnant women regarding their pregnancy. Under the guise of medical malpractice protection, legislators are trying to excuse doctors from lying to their patients to restrict access to legal and safe abortions.”

Jessica Farrar/Houston Chronical

One savvy Texas woman, State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D) introduced satirical legislation meant to highlight already passed Texas laws against women making their own medical decisions.  The reverse is pretty compelling.  HB 4260 would:

  • $100 civil penalty for masturbatory emissions that take place outside a woman’s vagina to be “considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life”
  • Require a 24 hour cooling off period before they can buy Viagra
  • Men would be required to have a medically unnecessary rectal exam before having a vasectomy
  • Doctors who have “personal, moralistic, or religious” objections to performing vasectomies or prescribing ED pills can opt out.
  • Men will be required to read the state mandated, “A Man’s Right to Know”

Texas’s Republican-dominated legislature passes measures that constantly interfere with a woman’s legally-protected right to choose.

While we at March On are pretty sure that HB 4260 won’t pass, we’re also very concerned that another bill will pass.

Stop SB-258!

SB-258 is an anti-abortion bill that passed by the senate and is headed to the house. While anti-abortion groups argued that the rule was a means to bring human dignity to the fetuses, reproductive rights advocates said the rule was another way for Texas to punish women who chose an abortion, saying the cost of the burials would be passed on to patients, making abortions harder to obtain for low-income Texans. (For more information see:  Texas Tribune)

It’s time for our state representatives to #HearOurVoice. Call the members of the Human Services Committee and your state representative and tell them to vote NO!

And when you’re done doing that, come show your support for Planned Parenthood, absolutely under assault not only in Texas, but by the Trump administration.

Planned Parenthood Lobby Day

Planned Parenthood Lobby Day is on Wednesday, April 5, 9am – 9pm at the Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX.  This is our chance to share our personal stories and educate legislators about the importance of reproductive rights.  For more information click here.

March On believes that the only way to ensure that our reproductive rights are protected is to stand up and demand them.  We hope you will share this with as many Texans you know who also believe that women’s rights are human rights and force the politicians to hear our voice.

Article by Lisa Traugott