Trump’s Taxes Make Me Furious!

Trump’s Taxes Make Me Furious!

Every year around April 15th I start to get very patriotic.  Because that’s when my taxes are do and if I didn’t think about how great America is I’d be really ticked off I had to pay so much.

Usually, I’d say nice calming things like:  libraries, social security for grandma, Medicaid, food stamps, public schools for all, and then I’d gladly write the check to the IRS.  (OK, I wasn’t glad but I wasn’t angry about it either.)

But this year?  Holy Tax Evasion Bat Man!  Why do I have to kill myself to fill out all this paperwork when Donald Trump bragged during a debate that not paying taxes makes him smart!?!

Any why won’t he release his taxes?  Even Richard-I’m-Not-A-Crook-Nixon released his taxes!  The Republican rubber-stamping congress could order him to release his taxes as part of the inquiry into Russian business relationships, but they don’t seem interested at all.

Clearly his refusal to release his tax returns got a lot of people angry. Thousands of people in over 200 cities attended the Tax March yesterday.

And as I write my own check I think about where my money will be going this year.  Probably to fund:

Photo: David Baratz USA Today
  • The mother of all bombs.
  • A big beautiful wall on the border of Mexico.
  • Tax vouchers so rich kids can go to private school

Know what my money probably won’t pay for if Donald Trump had his way?

  • Planned Parenthood that provides basic healthcare to millions of women.  (I’m not even talking about abortions, I’m talking about mammograms.)
  • Meals On Wheels to provide food for seniors and the disabled
  • Heath care subsidies for the working poor

And while I’m getting angrier with the thought of how my hard earned money will be spent, it really motivates me to stay focused on the big picture.

We need more progressives in office and we need to start working on that now.  At March On! Texas we believe in supporting local progressive candidates from the ground up.

Support Local Progressives on May 6

Did you know that there are elections just around the corner on May 6th?  Here’s how you can take action now:

  • Learn about the candidates. (Here’s a list of progressives)
  • Spread the word!  Meet and greet them, volunteer, knock on doors and tell your friends and family about them too.
  • Make your voting plan.  The only way to keep progressives in power is to support them on election day.  Click here to find out voting dates and locations


Resist, insist, persist, enlist.

March on, y’all!

Article by Lisa Traugott