The New Activists

The New Activists

We range from college students to women who marched in the 1960’s.  We are mothers and millennials and nasty women.  And if you call us “snowflakes” we’ve got news for you:

Winter is Coming.

Most of us were fans of politics, but we never really got in the game.  We might donate money to a candidate, but never walk the block for them.  We might post a meme on Facebook, but never actively engaged with our neighbors.  Not really.

Not until Donald Trump became President Trump.

And then we marched.  And then realized that marching wasn’t enough.  March On! Texas started as a sister march but it has grown since then.  Our goals are to go local and focus on how we can turn Texas blue again.

The New Activists

Did you know that Texas used to be led by Democrats?  Despite the gerrymandering done after the 2010 census, a lot of us still exist.

On election night we progressives in the shadows were hoping to shatter the glass ceiling for that highest, hardest wall; instead we were shattered to find that despite losing the popular vote by 3,000,000, Donald Trump became the leader of our country.

He bragged about sexually assaulting women.  He openly discriminated against Muslims, immigrants, the disabled and people of color.  His foreign policy changed with the wind, he put white supremacists, climate-change-deniers and people with zero experience in positions of power, and his son Don Jr. just tweeted out an email chain showing his campaign loved the idea of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton directly from the Russian government.

All this could have left us collapsed and destroyed, believing that the system is rigged and we are powerless, but on the contrary we are stronger.  Democrats were broken but the new Progressive activists are rising up empowered.

  • Our notions of just donating money and hoping for the best are shattered.
  • Our excuses for not getting involved are shattered.
  • Our trust in leaving it up to someone else has been shattered.

We are the new activists.

We love our country.  We are putting ourselves on the line and we will not stop until we see progressives and moderates back in power.

And we need help from people like you.

For more information, please go to our website

March on y’all!

Article by Lisa Traugott