To March or Not to March…that is the question!

To March or Not to March…that is the question!

By Melissa Fierro

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Many of you have reached out, wondering if March On! Texas is sponsoring a Women’s March on Austin 2018. We have discussed this at length over the last few weeks and we have decided the answer is no. And we wanted to share the reasons with you.

The Women’s March 2017 was the largest global march in history and the Austin sister march was the largest protest in Texas history— over 100,000 women (and men) strong.

The Women’s March in Austin. Photo By Mike Holp Photography

The Women’s March was a special moment in time.  It gave hope to others that we were not alone in resistance to the racism, sexism and xenophobia that Trump and members of the alt-right supported. It brought together millions across the globe in a perfect alignment of peace and protest.

But can it be repeated? Or should it be? Our belief is no for several reasons:

  • It was a perfect moment of energy and purpose that is not likely to be recreated. While we love that there are marches taking place around the country and in Texas, March On! feels it is best to let the 2017 Austin March stand as the single largest protest in Texas history.
  • This movement is strong and people have turned their energy to the next steps in the March. Namely, resisting more directly the actions of this administration and working to elect progressive candidates at all levels to effect long term change in our country.
  • Cost and manpower to conduct an event of this type correctly is enormous. Cost alone for the 2017 March was approximately $45,000. Not to mention the six weeks of long days and worried nights. We feel that effort is better directed towards the next steps.

Instead, in conjunction with the national March On sister march organization, we are working on March to the Polls 2018. The national goal is to register one million women to vote prior to the 2018 elections. We will be providing you with information on voter registration events, progressive candidates in Texas and volunteer opportunities for candidates.

But fear not! Want to put feet to pavement? There are intrepid folks out there who are hosting an anniversary Women’s March that you can join! Here are the one’s we know about and we will post on Facebook if we learn about others.






Fort Worth








Austin area group headed to Dallas march


Austin Roe V Wade rally


Whatever you do in 2018, make sure to put RESIST and VOTE at the top of your list of resolutions!

Blue wave 2018!

Melissa Fiero

Women’s March on Austin – March On! Texas

Article by Lisa Traugott