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There’s Something Very Wrong with this Picture

There’s Something Very Wrong with this Picture

Every day we turn on the news it seems there’s yet another picture full of middle aged white men sitting at a table writing legislation against women:

  • Proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood
  • New anti-choice bills introduced under the charade as being for the health of the woman
  • The proposed AHCA even tried to take away coverage for birth control, pregnant moms and babies

Are you tired of not seeing a single woman at the table?  Literally…

Mike Pence/Twitter

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Top 10 Reasons to Register to Vote

Top 10 Reasons to Register to Vote

The deadline for new voter registration for the May elections is Thursday, April 6.

10.  It’s easy.  Just click here:  VOTE TEXAS

9.  Protect women’s reproductive rights

8.  Because climate change is real and needs to be addressed

7.  It would be great to elect an American not under FBI investigation for collusion with Russia.  Just sayin’

6.  The head of the Department of Education should actually want to promote public schools.

5.  Obamacare survived and needs to be fixed, not left to “explode” and hurt everyday Americans

4.  Let’s have our tax dollars pay for building bridges not walls.

3.  How many tax cuts do billionaires really need?

2.  We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.  You know, the US Constitution.

  1.  Noting will change unless you vote!!!  The deadline for new voter registration for the May elections is Thursday, April 6. Register here:  VOTE TEXAS

Please share this with anyone you know who needs to register to vote.


Lisa 🙂

I Want Us to Win

I Want Us to Win

If you go to the last youth baseball game of the season you will notice that every single kid gets a trophy.  Every.  Single.  Kid.

While an argument can be made that rewarding very young children for making an effort (win-lose-or-draw) will help their self-esteem, there are no prizes for making a good effort in politics.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a consolation prize, I want us to win the next election!  That’s why we, as people who believe in Progressive values, must, we must deliver results at each election.  That includes midterm elections, local school board elections and special run-off elections.

We must vote.

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I Can See Russia From My President’s House

I Can See Russia From My President’s House

Back in the 1980s, when many of us were kids, it was easy to know who the good guys and bad guys were.  Americans?  Good.  Russia?  Bad.  Or to coin the phrase of Ronald Reagan, Russia was “The Evil Empire”.

Today, it seems we have woken up in an alternative universe.  Republicans (Republicans!?!) are saying that Russian interference into the election wasn’t that big a deal.  The “real” issue is that people are leaking information about all the alleged relationships between Moscow and Trump associates.

Don’t get us wrong, leaking confidential information isn’t right and should be dealt with, but isn’t that kind of like shooting the messenger?  Let’s first find out what, if anything, is going on between Team Trump and Vladimir Putin.

March On Texas strongly believes we really need an independent investigation to a) figure out if the Russians worked with anyone from Trump’s team to meddle with our election and b) if it did happen, make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Because this isn’t about Hillary Clinton losing the presidency.  This is about our long-time enemy messing with our democracy and possibly American citizens helping them!  This is something that should absolutely horrify all Americans.

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Your Actions are Creating Change!

Your Actions are Creating Change!

My Friday just got a little bit brighter when I saw the GOP healthcare bill got tabled. Yay!

The AHCA would have increased premiums, eliminated essential coverage for maternity care (?!?), kicked 24 million people off of their healthcare plans, given a huge tax credit to millionaires and billionaires (who don’t need it), and added an age tax to our senior citizens.  Thank God the Republicans couldn’t pull in the votes!

A big chunk of the reason the repeal and replace bill couldn’t be done was because 25 or so members of the Freedom Caucus felt the bill didn’t go far enough towards eliminating costs and benefits.

But it wasn’t just the extreme right who was against this bill; moderate Republicans were against it too. Why?

Because we are making an impact.

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Call Congress About the Healthcare Age Tax

Call Congress About the Healthcare Age Tax

Today is the big day that congress is trying to push through the repeal and replace bill, also known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

I just contacted my congressman’s office asking him to vote NO and I hope you will do the same.  And here’s why.

It’s a bad deal.  Even the Republicans don’t like it, which is why there’s so much commotion today.  Key problems:

  • People will lose their insurance.  24 million fewer insured over the next ten years
  • The poorest people get impacted the most.  Medicaid (helping the poorest Americans) cut by $880 billion
  • The rich get richer.  AHCA gives an $883 billion tax cut, $274 billion to the richest 2%

Source: CBO: American Health Care Act

But wait, there’s more.

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