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What’s It Like to Lobby Your Reps?

What’s It Like to Lobby Your Reps?

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he sure did motivate a bunch of Progressives to get involved!  Like a lot of people, I did my civic duty by voting and even gave some donations to Hillary Clinton, but would hardly call myself an activist.

Until election night.  Well, scratch that.  I was crying on election night.  I didn’t become an activist until I saw images of sea of people in pink hats holding protest signs at the Women’s March, standing up for our country and all its values.  Seeing those women gave me hope that we could change things, if only we organized, made our voices heard and committed to getting Progressive candidates elected.

That’s what Blue Ribbon Lobby Day was about.  Sponsored by the Texas Democratic Women, Texas Democratic Party, Travis County Democratic Party, March On! Texas, Annie’s List, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats and The AFL-CIO, this was a day to bring like-minded women together to fight for our rights and the rights of our families.

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