Central Texas Candidates


Anne Duffy – Cedar Park City Council, Place 3

I aim to promote progressive priorities and bring fresh ideas to city council.  I was looking for a way to give back, and get involved.  Like many of us, I am frustrated by the lack of diversity in representation, on the local, state, and federal levels. I grew up in a family of public service. My parents were civically engaged and their influence taught me the value of participating in opportunities to help others and give back.  I have served in multiple Leadership roles throughout my adult life. I know what it takes to set goals, provide vision, work closely with a team, be empathetic to needs of others, and be willing to initiate and influence change.  I am committed to preserving a healthy, vital community, focused on quality of life, and celebration of our diverse population.

I am a Bachelor’s Prepared Registered Nurse and Cedar Park Resident for 17 years. I served 13 years in US Naval Reserve as a Hospital Corpsman and Navy Nurse Corps Officer;  have served in Nursing Leadership for >10 years;  married to Derral, Leander Police Lieutenant;  2 children, Addison & Padraig;  driven to serve: volunteer coach for CPYL softball, Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) for LISD

David Sray – Georgetown City Council, District 2

My name is David Sray and I’m running for Georgetown City Council, District 2. Georgetown is a thriving city that is bursting with potential, and I want to see it realized. I believe that city council needs to carefully manage our economic growth, while maintaining support for the arts and promoting our uniquely historical downtown areas that make Georgetown a great place to call home. I also believe that our government needs to be transparent, accountable, and open to new ideas that help improve our community.

Georgetown has many wonderful neighborhoods and parks, but the explosive growth over the last several years means prices have skyrocketed. The city should require developers submit plans with creative solutions that promote affordable workforce housing options and provide incentives that benefit the community such as streets, schools, and sidewalks and bike paths. We also need to make sure we’re planning for and adopting smart, common-sense measures that enhance the travel experience for everyone, whether that’s additional lanes, considering roundabouts in place of traffic lights, looking into diverging diamonds, or reviewing public transportation options. I’m excited to see the city rolling out a fixed bus route this year, and hope our residents will find it a welcome additional mobility option.

With 17 years of experience in the high-tech sector, I know the importance of working with many different people to come together to create solutions. I’ll work to ensure that city council promotes economic planning and development, encourages programs that make city services accessible to all residents, and keeps our neighborhoods beautiful and safe for our families.

Heather Jefts, Cedar Park City Council Place 5

I’ve called Texas home for over 14 years. When we first moved to Cedar Park, there were around 35,000 people. Today, it is over 61,000. The city has nearly doubled since we moved here. Yet, with all this growth, the makeup of our city council has remained unchanged. The same philosophies govern our city; the same interests have the ear of those elected. To say they are “entrenched” would be an understatement. But right now, we have an opportunity to change the direction of our city. People are tired of developers being more important than our quality of life. Our city government needs to work for all of us.

I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes person, preferring to do the hard work without being up in the front for recognition. But like so many people, especially women, I am fired up. I’m ready to put myself out there; I’m ready to do the hard work because I believe it’s time. It’s time to make some real changes to our local governments. It’s time to bring transparency, accessibility, and accountability to city councils. It’s time to make private citizens, small local businesses, and our first responders a priority over developers, big business, and the entrenched Chamber crowd. I want to have open office hours, stop our tax dollars from funding billionaire developer strip malls, use social media to engage all residents in our government, and preserve our parks. I want to ensure our first responders can afford to live here and retire securely, make sure small local businesses are given the best chance of succeeding, and bring community back to Cedar Park. Thank you for your support!

Tammy Young – Round Rock City Council, Place 1

As a resident and local Realtor, I have watched Round Rock’s explosive growth and felt the impacts of that growth.  Prior to beginning my real estate career, I taught in Round Rock public schools, advocated for children with disabilities and was Chapter President of a national non-profit organization for several years.

Round Rock is a great place to live but we are definitely feeling the pinch from all the new development and the convenience, affordability and quality of life we cherish, is slipping away.  This is a pivotal time for our city.

We have to do a better job at engaging the community in our city’s vision and priorities.  It is time to reinvest in our existing  neighborhoods that are in need of the basics, like sidewalks and streetlights.  We have to do more to minimize the traffic and parking implications of the decisions being made as we grow.  We have to make sure our police department is fully staffed to maintain the safe community we count on. We have to protect the quality of life of those of us who already live here above anything else.

It is time for a fresh perspective on our city council – one that is not biased towards the status quo, one that is tuned in to the desires, needs and concerns of the ordinary people of Round Rock.  I am that person.

Ron Nirenberg – Mayor, San Antonio

I’m running for mayor because I want you to have the city you deserve – a place you’d choose even if you could live anywhere else on earth. It should be an exciting place where all sides of town can say. “I love it here.” The way I see it, the city you deserve delivers good-paying jobs, rewarding careers, safe streets, beautiful parks, museums, clean water, fewer traffic jams … It should be a place where our children flourish. You deserve a city that listens to you, that treats you with respect, that spends your tax dollars responsibly and openly. You deserve a city whose leaders are ethical and accountable and a mayor who has a vision for a bright and successful future. These are all things I’ve fought for as District 8 Councilman. These are things you shouldn’t have to wait any longer for.




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