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Elisha Demerson for Amarillo City Council Place I

Former Potter County Judge, Councilman Elisha Demerson is running for re-election to the Place 1 Council position on the Amarillo City Council. Demerson, a Department of Energy/NNSA Distinguished Service Career retiree and current council member, is running for a second term, citing some important goals he would focus on achieving during his second term.

During my first term, I spearheaded the comprehensive assessment of the Amarillo Police Department that resulted in many changes, including bringing back community policing. I also collaborated with others to do an economic assessment of the more impoverished sections of Amarillo, which will serve as a template for future development. I want to replicate this kind of assessment in other older parts of the city, like San Jacinto and Pleasant Valley, for example. These assessments result in neighborhood plans that ultimately make for stronger neighborhoods.”

“I would also like to see more collaboration between local governmental entities. Our metropolitan region is nearing 250 thousand population and it’s time for strategic thinking to advance our entire community for the future. We need to meet with business and community leaders now to position Amarillo for the next 25 years!” I want to continue to champion the reassessment of our city’s “one stop shop” them more business and community friendly. We aren’t there yet.”

“I will need your support and guidance to get these things done. I have tried to be an independent thinker on the Council and a steady and calm leader. I try to look ahead and not behind so I focus on the community and not on the Council itself. I’m counting on you to help me continue to be a positive force on the council and to take care of this community’s agenda.”

Demerson holds both a B.A. and a M.S. from West Texas A&M University.

Michelle Beckley – Mayor, Carrollton

Diversity and Inclusion – I have an inclusive vision of how the City of Carrollton should represent and work to the benefit of ALL of its constituents equally – regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender-identity or economic status. I want to engage in a two-way conversation with our community, to hear everyone’s ideas and concerns, and to represent all of Carrollton’s citizens.

ROI and Accountability – All taxpayers who contribute to the City’s revenues should expect to receive a Return on Investment (RoI). Carrollton’s citizens should expect the City to spend their tax dollars wisely and equitably across the whole spectrum of the community. We should not spend municipal funds on federal programs. There must be accountability for any expenditures which do not benefit the community, or which benefit only a small sector of the community.

Simplification – In speaking with business-owners and residents alike, it is apparent to me that there are too many City ordinances which do not serve the best interests of the community. Unnecessary and cumbersome red tape needs to be addressed, and ordinances which prove to be harmful to residents and business-owners, and which provide little or no benefit to the community, must be rewritten or scrapped. But let me be clear; I fully support ordinances which protect the health and well being of the citizens of Carrollton.

Transparency – The City Council works on behalf of the citizens of Carrollton, and therefore the details of all of its decisions, policies and actions should be information which is freely- and widely-available. I want to improve and expand upon the existing information framework, and open two-way channels of communication to ensure all perspectives are heard. By increasing transparency, we increase accountability, which is a cornerstone of public engagement and confidence in the City’s civic leaders and the departments they oversee.

John DeLorme – Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD School Board

I am a civic leader who has fought for open government and lower taxes, I believe we should keep our public school PUBLIC and oppose vouchers that will bankrupt the public school system. I support term limits for our school board so our voters can routinely elect new leadership to foster new ideas and opinions. I will support a balanced budget and higher teacher pay since we are below market for other districts around us. Since our tax increase for M/O passed last November we have the revenue for this. I support the maintaining our facilities and being up to date with our ever-changing technology.






Viccy Kemp – Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD Board of Trustees

I am running for school board to ensure we maximize the power of our community and resources so all our children will thrive, which, in turn, creates a community that thrives. Current leadership in various government departments is threatening the very fabric of the public school system. As parents of students, we have a responsibility to ensure they are provided with an education that will prepare them for the future, without financial restraints and impaired technology access. Our children deserve a well-rounded, well-funded PUBLIC education. It’s what your tax dollars should be funding. An essential component of achieving and maintaining this platform is an assumption of net neutrality, where schools are not charged a premium for accessing the Internet. Every school board in America needs to be paying attention to this issue because it will directly impact students in America.



Candace Valenzuela, Carrollton Farmers Branch Board of Trustees

I am running on the following issues:

Technological Literacy: I want kids to get an introduction to coding in elementary school.

Fact-Based Education: I want to make sure that the district picks curriculum that respects peer reviewed research, not the whims of politicians in Austin.

Inclusive Environment: I want to make sure that schools are appropriate learning environments for ALL our students. That means not enforcing the bathroom bill. That means not letting ICE into our schools without a warrant, and training teachers and staff for the possibility of children suddenly not having their parents. That means cultural training for teachers that involves not just ethnicity and nationality, but also sexuality. Finally, that means that we make sure not to punish any one ethnicity disproportionately.

Transparency: People are willing to pay more for good education; it’s good for our kids, it’s good for our property values, and it’s good for society. Raising taxes without saying what they’re for, however, is not something people can get behind. We need to account for what we want to spend money on. We also need to improve communication in general. Our websites are in desperate need of repair, and as a result it almost looks like the district wants to obscure its practices. We need to not just commit to communicate, but also commit to communicate well.

Trade programs: We have an excellent array of programs available in Career and Technology Education, but at times they’re under respected or poorly maintained. We need to make sure that the students in these programs are provided for and valued. Term limits: My competitors have been on the board for 12 and 18 years respectively. This is far too long. We need to limit our board members to three 3-year terms. We need to focus on retention of teachers, not board members. Thank you for considering me for this position!

K.D. Warach – Frisco City Council, Place 6

My platform includes standing with the working people of Frisco, income equality, fair tax structure where wealthy and corporations in Frisco pay their fair share, equal rights for everyone, top notch public schools for our children and diversity for people of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations. Priorities:

— Make Frisco a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome to live, work and play

— Solve traffic problems by relieving congestion and making commute an enjoyable experience for Frisco residents

— Celebrate and promote our diversity by providing a safe and fun atmosphere for every resident and encourage their participation at every level

— Be a good steward of our existing resources and infrastructure

— Build a reliable public transportation system for Frisco

— Plan responsibly for our future by keeping up with Frisco’s rapid growth

— Support a fair and balanced budget that maintains core city services and protects the most vulnerable

— Keep Frisco affordable while providing essential services to all existing and future residents

— Encourage high quality public education that focuses on early childhood development and parental involvement

I am running because I truly love Frisco and want to contribute to the growth of this amazing city. I’ve been living in Frisco for almost 4 years now with my wonderful wife Amna and 3 great children. My volunteer services include coaching my son and daughter’s youth soccer teams and speaking at FISD career day, among others. I have been a practicing engineer for 20 years. My experience in heavy civil infrastructure construction management field has prepared me to tackle the problems of Frisco’s rapid growth. My problem solving and analytical skills make me a perfect candidate for Frisco City Council.

Trish Patterson – Plano ISD Board, Place 6

I’m committed to making your voice heard with Plano Independent School District.  Like you, I want to play an active role in making our schools the best possible place to educate our children, and making our community a great place to raise them.  Currently, I am the President of Plano Community Forum, a 501c3 that gives scholarships to PISD students, and the Co-Chair and Organizer of Plano’s Martin Luther King Day celebrations.  In addition, I am a substitute teacher for PISD and an adjunct professor for Richland College.

Every child deserves an opportunity to realize they have that “something special” to give to their community and a chance to reach their fullest potential.  As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  As a PISD School Board Trustee, I will listen to students, parents, teachers and staff, and taxpayers, while acknowledging the diverse needs of our children and our communities.


Stirling Morris – Plano City Council, Place 8

A native Texan, I was born in San Antonio, raised in Central Texas, and married in Lewisville. Shortly after the birth of my son in Grapevine, my family moved to Plano. I’ve spent a lot of time in North DFW, and now I’mready to serve our community.

There is so much to love about Plano, and I want to be on the ground, with my sleeves rolled up, helping to keep Plano beautiful and vibrant. I want to help our city be the best possible version of itself–a city in which all its citizens, from the elderly, to the young; the religious to non-religious; the immigrants and minorities—proudly call home.

I’ve spent the last fifteen years in the construction industry, working with developers, architects, contractors, and even cities to build various projects that benefit and enhance communities. I’ve worked on projects that were added to the National Register of Historic Places, and I understand what goes into preserving our community treasures as well as how new development impacts existing infrastructure and the environment. I’ve served on non-profit boards, volunteered for charitable organizations, and been part of executive steering committees.

Beyond my work life though, I’m qualified for this position because I’m a citizen of Plano. I live and shop here. I eat here. I form relationships and friendships here. While I’ve never held a political office, I’m a firm believer that government should always be, as Abraham Lincoln put it, …of the people, by the people and for the people. As citizens, we should all feel empowered to add our voices to the government, and that often starts locally. Not everyone comes from politics, but everyone should have an opportunity to add their voice to the conversation.

Kashif Riaz, Richardson City Council Place 5

As the new Richardson City Council Place 5 member, I aim to promote progressive priorities and bring fresh ideas. I served at multiple levels of leadership roles. I know what it takes to set goals, provide vision and be empathetic to the need of others. I have a bachelors with business major. I am currently serving as president of Moroney Farms HOA. I have 16 years of technology experience in Fortune 500 companies.  Previously, I served as president and founder of a technology company.





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